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Comments/Quotes About The Silver Creek Renovation

"What were once ho-hum three-shotters are now pure thinking holes, with fairways pinched in the right places and bunkers situated to stimulate the mind visually before a player pulls the trigger." -- Fairways & Greens 2002

"Mike, Forrest and the entire team were true professionals during the entire project"

"There is a big difference between designing a golf course and sculpting a golf course, and Mike is a true sculpting artist"

"It still amazes me how Mike and Jeff Jones can jump on a tractor and shape a hole in a short amount of time and have it exactly how Mike Strantz envisioned it." --Nick Checklinis, Golf Superintendent--SCVCC

"Strantz/Fezler courses seem to layout visually better than most I've played.  They always give you an intended landing area that is typically reached by a predetermined shaping of the shot left to right or right to left. When I was on the tour, there was always a golf course the players would make an effort to play while in the area. Mike and Forrest have made Silver Creek that kind of course." --Al Courtney Former PGA Tour Professional Member SCVCC

"After completion of the renovation, current and former members praised the course memorability and that the risk and reward elements have been greatly enhanced.   The mixture of natural grasses, dramatic bunkering and visual intimidation have captivated golfers visiting since the renovation. Comments like: "great design on the bunkers", "a most memorable layout" and  "thrilling par 3's" ... "-- Jay Jackson, Director of Golf---SCVCC

"Maverick was a pleasure to do business with. They were artistically creative but financially responsible. Despite some unforeseen issues with our bunkers, we were able to finish within 4% of our original renovation budget.  The members are delighted with the stunning results and membership sales have increased in the past year.  Since completion, we've hosted USGA and PGA Qualifying events as recognition of the playability of the new Silver Creek." --Arthur Knapp, Chair--Renovation CommitteeMember SCVCC

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